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If there are two things that your kitchen should be, it’s beautiful and practical. We are an often sought after general contractor in Ventura, CA due to our level of detail, precision, and craft. For 50 years, we’ve helped countless clients transform the heart of their home into something they’re proud of.

In order to make your kitchen into a wonderful and incredible space, you need Team Construction & Development, Inc. by your side.

Your Dream Kitchen Made Reality

Remodeling your kitchen increases the quality of life for your home’s inhabitants. Don’t know where to begin your kitchen renovation? We can give you some ideas. With more than 5 decades of experience in our pocket, we can transform your kitchen with:

  • New Cabinets: Your cabinets play a major role in the overall kitchen aesthetic. If you want to transform the space, start with your cabinetry!
  • Backsplashes: Our team offers a diverse range of backsplash options to fit your lifestyle and personality
  • Better Countertops: We work with a variety of materials to implement more elegant finishes to your kitchen.
  • Recessed Lighting: This type of lighting creates a romantic and elegant atmosphere in any kitchen. Talk to our team about what recessed lighting features you can implement into your kitchen design.

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Get in touch with our experts today. By picking up the phone, you’ll be one step closer to having the kitchen you deserve and have always envisioned.

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